Insanity: The ASYLUM Results

I was finally able to get pictures today, though it’s three days after my official Day30 of ASYLUM, you have nothing to worry about: my body hasn’t changed much in those three days. I’ll start you off at the end: DAY 30 May 20, 2011          And here’s what I looked like the […]

Hope for the Batten Cure Results

There’s a little article over here about Hope for the Batten Cure 5k run. This was my first running event that I’ve ever participated in, and finished with a time of 23:47:77; an average of 7:37 per mile. Considering there weren’t too many people participating, I finished first in my age group (25-29), and got […]

zero 2 Hero | My P90X Results

I knew I wasn’t in great shape, but I also didn’t think I was in bad shape. The only thing I knew was that I wasn’t where I wanted to be, “ripped”. It’s funny, but I grew up loving Bruce Lee movies; one of the reasons is because he was in amazing shape. I wanted […]