Am I working out for the right reasons? I hope so. Otherwise there will be a day that comes where I don’t care about the “wrong” reasons anymore and I stop. The right reasons for me are to be as healthy as I can every day. Each day is a new day with new challenges and TODAY I am working on being my healthiest and overcoming life’s little obstacles. I want for myself, to always be in the best shape that I can (mental ability, physical speed, strength, agility, endurance). God willing these healthy choices I’m making today help me live a long life where I enjoy my family and friends and am not hindered by diseases or physical impairments in old age.

This is why I live a healthy life today. So I can enjoy life tomorrow.

Here’s a passage from an interview with Tony Horton that I find fitting:

First things first, you need to ask yourself if you are ready to make a change in your life and commit to it. Horton said hopping on the Stairmaster for 20 minutes three times a week is a start, and better than nothing, but is not going to give you the level of fitness essential for a healthy life. Why are you making this change? Horton said if it is just to be thinner, you need to reevaluate yourself.

“Get away from the whole aesthetics factor. It shouldn’t be about eating foods that will help you be smaller later. It doesn’t matter how small you are—the fitness is what matters,” he said. Instead, Horton said to concentrate on all the other benefits of exercise, and if you lose a few pounds in the process—that’s a bonus.

“If I exercise today and eat well, I turn back the clock. Cells will grow stronger, my immune system will function better and improve my quality of life. Memory will improve, I will have less stress and feel better,” he added.

I hope your reasons keep you exercising for the long haul.

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