baby food is good!

I was making some baby food for my daughter the other day–which is basically just steamed and then pureed food–and it tastes great!

Banana Dessert
I took some really ripe bananas, mashed them up in a mixing bowl with a potato masher; then I spooned out servings into an ice cube tray. After it froze, it was a tasty sweet banana dessert with only one ingredient: bananas! Next time I make this, I’ll set some banana aside and add some peanut butter to it before freezing.

Apple Sauce
Peel your favorite apples (mine are Fuji, and yes peeling apples is easier than it sounds. I thought it would be a chore but it’s not). Cut the apples into cubes. Put them in a non-stick skillet with water, and cinnamon to taste. Cover on med-low heat until tender; stirring occasionally. Let cool and then puree, and freeze if you’re making it in bulk. Delicious! Add to the mashed bananas for extra deliciousness.

Take your favorite veggie, and steam to your desired softness. I did broccoli florets (5-6min), carrots (12-18 mins), and spinach (3-4 mins) (separately). Puree, adding water as needed. Be sure to try each before pureeing. Broccoli and carrots raw, hate them. Steamed, LOVE them. Something happens in that short cooking process that brings out their flavors and makes them favorable to my palette.

Making baby food is a great way to realize how good real food is with nothing added, or very little added such as the cinnamon in the Apple Sauce, and very little done to the ingredients. Talk about appreciating what God gives us.

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