530 am or 12 pm

What time do you exercise? 530am is when my alarm goes off. My morning begins: I turn off the alarm, get out of bed, put in my contacts, sit on the toilet, turn on my computer, get a glass of water, get dressed, tie my shoes, and start exercising. Sometimes it’s simple to do, sometimes it’s the hardest thing in the world to do, but I do it. And that’s how my day starts. By 630-7am I feel encouraged because I’ve finished something, and there exists a sense of accomplishment. A good feeling to have at the start of your day!

This is a typical weekday morning. Though, sometimes I go to bed too late, and turn the alarm off and don’t wake up until 7am. At that time, my wife and daughter are awake or waking (one of the main reasons I wake up at 530am, usually no interruptions.) So, it’s harder to force my workout in at that time. At this point I resign myself to knowing that I’ll have to workout at night. If this happens I usually regret it because I just like to get my workout for the day out of the way. Knowing that I have to exercise at the end of a 8-9 hour work day is not fun. But I do it. Sometimes so much is going on that I wait until midnight to exercise. I know… that’s crazy, but I do it.

I’m happy to get my workout in no matter what the time, but I’m happier knowing that I’ve completed my workout!

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