Life After P90X

Immediately finishing my first round of P90X Lean (June 2010), I started my 2nd round, and up’d it a notch, or two: P90X Doubles. I decided to do Doubles at this point because my wife (at the time) was exactly 13 weeks from her due date, and as you may know, P90X is 13 weeks long; so, it was perfect timing. I didn’t know what my workout life would be like after my daughter was born, so Doubles it is…err was. Get into the best shape I can before she arrives.

Doubles follows the Classic P90X schedule, neither of which I’m used to because I started out with Lean. (In Lean there is more cardio per week, and in classic there is more strength training.) This change brought in some new workouts: Plyometrics (jump training, aka the mother of all P90X workouts, and yes it is.) 13 weeks of Cardio X does not get you ready for your first time in Plyo X. I can’t remember the exact schedule, but there was definitely a new strength video for me, probably Chest and Back. Anyway… everything was new and different, and still hard; but I completed Phase 1 nonetheless.

Phase 2, and now Doubles comes into play. You’re still following the Classic schedule, except three times a week you have an AM workout (Cardio X), and a PM workout (these fell on strength days.) So Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays were double days for me for the next three weeks. Needless to say I quickly grew tired of the Cardio X, especially because Cardio X is so ingrained into the Lean schedule. Around the same time I also lost interest in Kenpo X because I felt like I was having to push myself much harder than the video’s routines. What can I say, I was a beast! The decision was made to start incorporating Insanity cardio workouts in place of Cardio X, three times a week, and Kenpo X once a week. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I remember referring to this schedule to figure out which Insanity videos to substitute in for P90X videos (I still kept doing Plyo from P90X). And on double days I think I did Insanity Pure Cardio in the morning. It was actually funny doing that the first time, because I sucked at it so much. The 9-10 minute warmup alone was killing me.

Phase 3 began as scheduled, and now I’m into Doubles FOUR times a week. So Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday I have an AM and a PM workout. Exhausting, but invigorating. Week 11 came about. The week I agreed to enter into a Hoop It Up basketball tournament with my child hood friends. I don’t know why we play, we lose nearly every game, every year we play. What a waste of money! I hate that tournament. And to too off this rant, my hand was broken during the tournament. Talk about a bummer! It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if after the initial collision I played in two more games later that day. Real smart decision there. Real smart. But I’ll never know how much better it could have been if I didn’t keep playing. My wife took me to one of those PrimaCare places that’s opened on Sundays and had my baseball sized swollen hand x-ray’d, and received confirmation that it was indeed broken.

Internally I began to worry if I’d get back into it when my hand rehabilitated. About a month later I still had a hurt hand, my daughter was born. Everything is a big blur back then, days meld with nights, sleeplessness abound, I started working out again. Don’t get me wrong my hand was still healing, weight lifting was out of the question. I moved away from P90X. Here I started Insanity full time and created a schedule that used Insanity videos, but followed a P90X schedule (though I set up a 15 week schedule.) I’m not really sure how I did it, but I pushed through and kept with it. Thank God for an amazing wife, because without her being so supportive I couldn’t have continued working out.

Due to sickness (new baby illnesses floating around my house) I think it took me around 18 weeks to finish my 15 week schedule (sometime in Jan 2011). Then I started a modified P90X Plus schedule using Insanity workouts for all of my cardio. Though with a hiccup in my living arrangements I was unable to continue the workouts exactly the way I liked the entire month of March 2011.

Though, overall, with some offs here and there, I’ve basically been working out every day for the past year and 5 1/2 months. As of April 18, 2011 I’m currently doing Insanity: The ASYLUM, a 30 day workout, and I have 5 days left. I’ll give you another update after I finish that monster.

Basically what I wanted to get across is that when you finish something like P90X, it can’t just be about the accomplishment of doing it for 90 days. There has to be a mind shift towards a greater goal of making this part of your lifestyle and to continue what you’ve started. Stopping is so easy, don’t let that easiness look so appealing. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are now, don’t give up. You have to challenge yourself to continue to maintain and, if you wish, expound upon the results you’ve gained. However, if you’ve just started or have recently started a new workout regime, my advice would be to not worry about how long you have to go to finish. Remember this is a life style change, take it one day at a time.

Today, you have to workout… That’s it. Tomorrow can worry about itself.

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