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I knew I wasn’t in great shape, but I also didn’t think I was in bad shape. The only thing I knew was that I wasn’t where I wanted to be, “ripped”. It’s funny, but I grew up loving Bruce Lee movies; one of the reasons is because he was in amazing shape. I wanted to be like that for the longest time. (I didn’t want to be Bruce Lee, I wanted to be Charles Tinney.) I wanted to get my body in the best shape it could be in. And the fact that I wasn’t doing it, and didn’t even know how to do it nagged at me for years.

I watched movies like 300 where the actors are in SUPER shape: how did they get there, what specifically did they do to achieve that level of fitness? Even guys on the internet releasing videos on youtube, I’d watch those and copy those moves doing them everyday. Then they’d release another video with new moves, and honestly, that pissed me off. You mean to tell me that the 12 moves that you showed me before aren’t the only moves you used to get ripped? I have to do more moves, more routines? I was naive, ignorant, and frustrated.

A friend told me about P90X probably a year or so before I started. This was the first time I had heard of it. I have to admit, though not seeing anything about it, I shrugged it off as stupid. He told me about the nutrition program; that’s stupid, I know how to eat. He bought a pullup bar. Why? I really wasn’t into anything he was saying about it. He hadn’t started P90X at the time.

Fast forward about 6 months or so: I have a new job, and my animator cohort and I have started doing pushups every hour everyday. We start with 20, and do that for a week. The next week, we’d add 5; now we’re’ doing 25. And so on… I think we got up to around 55 and we somehow both hurt ourselves. Anyway, around this time period the friend of mine that initially told me about P90X had a coworker who was doing it. The topic of fitness/exercise came up, and I told her about the pushup regiment at work. She told me she was doing P90X. She seemed to be in fairly good shape. So I probably logged that away in my memory banks. My friend had still not started P90X.

Another 6 months goes by and it’s probably Nov 2009. I intensely wanted to get into shape. But again, what do I do? My friend again brings up P90X (which he still hadn’t started at this point), and insists that I borrow it. I take it, and watch the videos and read the fitness guide. For about a month and a half I did a lot of “soul searching” and thinking about this P90X extreme home workout program. It looked insane, and it was a 90 day commitment. Could I do it? What would it be like if I started and finished? How will I change (body and mind)? All of those questions and many more I asked myself; I was scared of the answer. However, with all of my uncertainty, I was more certain than uncertain to try out this program. It answered the how do I get in shape question. Just follow the plan for 90 days.

Monday Jan 4, 2010 Day 1. I took the pictures as P90X suggests. A sad flabby state. Here I weighed 165lbs. (I’m 5’7″ btw… that put me at a 25.8 BMI, and according to that I was overweight. Ouch! 28 and overweight for someone that used to play basketball 4-5 hours daily in middle and high school! I was not happy with where I let my body go. Though, I was doing better than 6 years before weighing at 185lbs, my lifetime max!)

P90X Day 1  P90X Day 1

P90X Day 1  P90X Day 1

I started P90X Lean with my wife whom I had convinced to do it with me. Though I must admit, I wanted some motivation, and thought that doing it with her would be great motivation. Week 1 was tough! I had never worked out like that since being on the high school basketball team. Week 2 and my wife takes a pregnancy test…it’s positive. “Hooray,” she says, “I don’t have to do P90X.” Though some motivation gone; I push forward; I am doing this for me after all. I’m the one that has to live in this body.

Three weeks into the program and bam, an injury in my upper back. At the time I didn’t know what caused it, and I didn’t want to injure it any further so I stopped. Three weeks of resting later and my back still had residual pain. I wanted to get back into the program; I went to the doctor, and he okay’d me to continue, but to take it easy on the back exercises. I started, and everything was fine with my back until the yoga workout. I’m getting set up for yoga plow position I can feel my back tweak right where it had been injured. My back just didn’t like plow, and I haven’t done it since. I skip that move every time and haven’t had any issues with that part of my back whatsoever.

Since I only got three weeks into a thirteen week program I decided to start over. And from this point on it was like a comedy of errors, and me restarting P90X over and over again was the joke. I was sick all this first week (the last week of February), but I pushed forward through four days of work outs, and then, figuratively, fell flat on my face. I was bed ridden sick for the rest of that week and the following week. I restarted, again, and hurt my hip when I fell down playing basketball the third day. I waited until the next Monday for the hip to feel better (though doing oblique v-ups hurt on that injured hip for a long time.) So, from this start in March, I was able to complete a full 90 days straight, from start to finish.

Apr 13, 2010 I finally hit a real day 30 in my progression. Here was the outcome:

P90X Day   P90X Day 30

P90X Day 30  P90X Day 30

May 13, 2010; Day 60:

P90X Day 60  P90X Day 60

P90X Day 60  P90X Day 60

Saturday June 6, 2010 Day 90. My Last rest day, let’s take some pictures! I didn’t weigh or measure myself at this point, so, outside of the pictures, I don’t have any sort of statistical transformation information here. I pretty much followed the nutrition plan the best I could. I had some bad eating days, but I tried to make up for those with extra Cardio X workouts, and eating healthily 90-95% of the time.

P90X Day 90  P90X Day 90

P90X Day 90  P90X Day 90

P90X Day 90  P90X Day 90

That was almost a year ago, and it was a grueling and life changing endeavor. My body has changed, but more importantly my mind has changed. There was an interview with P90X creator Tony Horton, where he said that working out for him is like brushing his teeth. He doesn’t go a day without cleaning his teeth keeping them shiny and strong. Why would he go a day without working out? Working out cleans out your insides, getting rid of fat, clearing up arteries, lowering bad cholesterol, decreases your resting heart rate, and on and on. Sure brushing your teeth only takes two minutes, but I think it’s a good analogy. Exercising everyday will have you looking better and feeling better because you’ll be better. I am better for making this change, and P90X helped put me on the right path.


I don’t weigh myself very often or do much in the way of measuring anything about my fitness. But if you’ve made it this far, as of February 22, 2011 here are some stats:

Dec 2009 (Right before I started)
Weight 165lb, Resting Heart Rate 72, BMI 25.8 (overweight), Waist 33in, Jean Size 30in

Feb 2011 (1 year and 1 1/2 months after I started)
Weight 144lb (140lbs 11 years ago in high school), Resting Heart Rate 54, BMI 22.7 (normal weight), Waist 30in, Jean Size 28in

All my jeans, pants, and shorts I bought before P90X feel like clown clothes on me now because none of that fits anymore.

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  1.  by  Kiki

    You know, I don’t remember if I told you but your before and after pictures motivated both of my brothers to take on P90X and they did it twice and they did really good. The chubby one lost a ton of weight and got even more freakishly strong than he already was and got really healthy. The skinny one had a change/progression similar to yours. I think when they were doing it for the third time “something” happened like something always happens and they stopped. But they learned to exercise and to eat healthy and they’re both working again on P90X again. They have a man crush on Tony.

  2.  by  Kiki

    And duh! The reason I even commented was to tell you that I think you are doing great and are a wonderful inspiration slash object of hatred for all the people who look at your pictures and learn your story. Good job 🙂

    •  by  chaz

      Thanks. That’s really great to hear Kiki! I’m glad that these embarrassing and humbling pictures can motivate someone to live a healthier life style. It makes everything worth it because inspiring even one person is great news; but the real change comes from within, and they should be incredibly proud of themselves for taking those fearsome steps towards a new challenge and a new life. All anyone needs to do now is know that it’s a life long goal of health, not just the 90 days.

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