One Day at a Time

Just take your workout schedule and nutrition One Day at a Time. All you have to do is workout today. Just TODAY. All you have to do is eat healthily and thoughtfully TODAY. That’s it, it’s so simple. There is nothing else that matters except the workout and your eating habits TODAY. Don’t worry about […]

Just Eat Real Food

Ironically there’s an ad for “I Can’t Believe it’s not Butter” before the Today Show clip of Joy Bauer talking about fortified food: Don’t be fooled by fortified foods . I think it’s funny because there’s a version of 7up that’s fortified with … whatever, it doesn’t matter. You should probably think about your drinking […]

Insanity: The ASYLUM Results

I was finally able to get pictures today, though it’s three days after my official Day30 of ASYLUM, you have nothing to worry about: my body hasn’t changed much in those three days. I’ll start you off at the end: DAY 30 May 20, 2011          And here’s what I looked like the […]

baby food is good!

I was making some baby food for my daughter the other day–which is basically just steamed and then pureed food–and it tastes great! Banana Dessert I took some really ripe bananas, mashed them up in a mixing bowl with a potato masher; then I spooned out servings into an ice cube tray. After it froze, […]

530 am or 12 pm

What time do you exercise? 530am is when my alarm goes off. My morning begins: I turn off the alarm, get out of bed, put in my contacts, sit on the toilet, turn on my computer, get a glass of water, get dressed, tie my shoes, and start exercising. Sometimes it’s simple to do, sometimes […]