Instead of posting exercise stuff on my art blog chazamation, I have made this new blog chazFIT specifically for all exercise related stuff. This is the first post, and it was moved from my art blog to this awesome new location.

A very brief history: Over the past year and 2 months, I’ve been doing an extreme workout regime: 6 days a week for 40mins-120mins a day: P90X and Insanity. I’ll discuss this more in a later post.

However, while I’ve focused on myself so sternly, I have neglected my dogs. They hardly get any exercise, and I want to get them out and moving. I also want to add in some more (yes I said MOAR) cardio workouts to my crazy workout schedule. I would do another awesome Insanity or P90x workout, but I think my wife would frown on that, and I don’t get exercise for my dogs. So, the miniWorkout was born, as this is a win win situation! My wife gets the most annoying dog out of the house for 20-30 mins giving him some much needed exercise, (no I’m not the annoying dog, but I bet you were thinking that), and I get in a little extra cardio in the day.

So, I did my first miniWorkout today and here’s what it entails:

    3 Round warmup (each warm up contains these 8 moves, in this order):

  • Move1 Jog in Place
  • Move2 Straight Arm Jacks
  • Move3 1-2-3 heisman
  • Move4 Jump Rope Side to Side
  • Move5 Arms out High knees
  • Move6 Switch Kicks
  • Move7 Hit the Floor
  • Move8 Side to Side Floor Hops

If you’ve ever done Insanity, this is the warmup from the Max Interval Plyo DVD.

Round1 is done at a moderate pace with each move lasting 30secs. Round2, faster than Round1, also with each move lasting 30secs. Finally, Round3 is as fast as you can go, each move lasting 15 secs. As you can see, as you move on to the next round your intensity increases. Total Warmup time is 10mins. I do this to get my heart rate up and to get more out of my workout.

    The workout: I ran 3 miles. (I don’t really like running, but this is for my dog, right?)

  • Mile1, I ran as fast as I could @ 6mins 46secs
  • Mile2 and 3 I just tried to keep a slightly slower, steadier pace up.
  • Mile2 @ 7mins 20secs
  • slow Mile3 @ 8mins 20secs

Total workout time was 22mins 26 secs.

Overall total time ~32 mins.

The weather was great here in Texas today! I had a blast, and my dog got some exercise!

Exercise is a HUGE part of my life, and, along with my art, I want to share it, and perhaps I’ll inspire someone too.

-ps P90X and Insanity are both fucking nuts and fucking awesome! I recommend them. Really, I recommend anything you like to do that gets you moving and gets your heart rate up. Burn that fat off!

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